Andhra Residence

Andhra Residence

Project Details

Project Status: Conceptual

Architects: Rohit Choudhary

Location: Ananthpur, India

Site: 60'X66'

Project Year: 2018

These are two identical houses designed for two brothers. The houses have been designed on a corner plot of sizr 60'X66'.

The spatial requirements inside the house are very conventional, but a apart from these, the clients had one specific requirement which was the deciding factor of the entire house design. They wanted the house to stand out as the grandest house built in the city. Thus, started the entire mood board formation by the clients themselves with images of houses of different styles of which some were possible and some weren't.

As designers, we had complete clarity on how we could achieve a good design. The design has a very minimal approach with the use of only straight horizontal and vertical lines and a very subtle combination of colors and materials. We decided to use White color because it really complemented the stone cladded wall, the Brown chajjas and the balcony. Even thought these surface treatments are very less in area, the White color makes them stand out very boldly.


Since two separate yet identical houses were to be designed on one big plot, for two brothers that too, there is no physical barrier provided between the two houses. Just a small green space between them. We also wanted to make sure that we were able to provide some landscape spaces, which we were able to achieve. There is a landscape space right in front of the living space, facing the main road. Even though it faces the main road, we were able to add a barrier between the landscape and the main road for privacy. Since the entire house is built on a plinth of height 3 feet, the wall provided in front blocks any direct view from the road to the landscape area and because of the plinth height, there is no cutting down of direct sunlight coming into the landscape area. Another reason why the entire compound wall in the front has been designed with lots of slits. There are landscape areas provided on the top floor as well, in the common balcony and the master bedroom balcony.


This design was achieved and finalized after many other concepts. The designs varied from each other mainly because of the roofing design, which impacted the over all house design. One of the previous design images have been attached which mainly differed from the finalized design because of a sloping roof.

Initial Concept