Harika & Naveen’s Residence

A three bedroom house interior project for a family of four at Prestige Ivy Terraces in Bangalore, completed in October 2018.

Description - Like always, our approach towards design for this house was also very simple and with a lot of use of brown and white colors (because we simply love them).

All the spaces have furnitures which are very simple in design, but all the spaces have been giving such color combinations (including addition of highlight elements such as highlight colors, wall papers, stone cladding, etc) which makes them look so simple yet very vibrant. Surface treatments done to wardrobe shutters and head board panels in the form of straight lines are some of the design elements which were introduced in the bedrooms which make them stand out.

The TV unit and the foyer wall with the stone cladding are two of our favorite elements in the entire house which stand out the most. The blue textured portion in the TV unit screams out for attention, yet seems very subtle to look at. Similarly, the foyer has been highlighted with the stone cladding to make it stand out very differently in the entire house. Not to forget, the yellow lighting in the foyer gives it a nice warm feeling to it.

At the end of the day, the clients were super happy with the work and so were we.

• Yashaswini Dath
• Rohit Choudhary