About Us


Rohit Choudhary

He is an alumnus of MS Ramaiah School of Architecture, Bangalore. With a work experience and knowledge acquired from various firms such as Total Environment, Design Forum, Studio 4A and Funktion Design, it has helped him in understanding and developing his own design style and philosophies. During the course of his work experience, he got the opportunity to work on a varying range of projects such as residences, housing communities, apartments, commercial spaces and interiors for houses, offices, restaurants, etc.

How it all started.

Fresh out of college after his internship, he got the perfect opportunity to design the interiors of his own house. It was the right opportunity for him to try different things and play with materials. This helped him in understanding things not just from the design perspective, but also understanding the business part of it. It was the perfect learning experience for him.
At the end of the day, with an output putting a smile on his face, it gave him the confidence of a designer and sparked the idea of having his own architecture firm one day. Thus, was born Soul Ziv Architecture.