Shantanu’s Bedroom Renovation – Yelhanka, Bangalore

We are big fans of the color Blue and hanging lights. This project is one of our favorite ones because we used the color blue in it and there is a hanging light in it too.

This was a small bedroom renovation project we got to work on during the first half 2018 and before thinking of an actual design, we were sure about two things. First thing, one of the colors in the palette needs to be Blue. Second thing, we need to introduce a hanging light somewhere in the room. So we were sure about these two things and then we went ahead with the regular process.

Initially, this seemed like a gamble for certain reasons. When the conceptual renders were made, we had our doubts about how the end result would be. But at the end of the project, we all were quite happy with what was there finally and we had a super happy client too.

• Yashaswini Dath
• Rohit Choudhary